Scrap Metal Recycling Blog

How Does Scrap Metal Get Recycled?

When you think about recycling, you usually think of plastic bottles, cardboard,...

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How Scrap Metal Recycling Helps The Environment

Scrap metal recycling is the all-encompassing process of collecting, melting down, and...

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What Increases In Metal Prices Mean for Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal prices shoot up whenever the cost for virgin or untreated...

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How To Recycle Batteries

One common misconception when it comes to getting rid of batteris is...

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What Scrap Metal Is Illegal To Recycle

If you are new to selling and recycling scrap metal it is...

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What Metals Sell For Higher Prices

If you are interested in recycling scrap metal, you can make a...

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Why Do Scrap Metal Prices Change?

Selling scrap metal is an effective way to make quick cash for...

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Where To Find Scrap Metal in Your Community

If you are new to recycling scrap metal or buying and selling...

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