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Established in 1946

Middleboro Recycling’s parent company, Walter Zion’s Used Auto Parts, was founded in 1946 by Walter Zion Sr. He began with one dump truck collecting miscellaneous scrap and “junk” cars. As time went on, people started bringing their “junk” to the yard and started buying various parts that they needed. For many years, Walter was best known for selling used vehicles, used auto parts and rebuilt transmissions. In self-reliant style he also sold new and used tires out of a barn at his house.

Facility Growth

Throughout the years there have been many additions to the facility. In 1960, what is now known as the scale office, was added as the Used Auto Parts building.

Officially Started

In 1979 Walter’s son Robert officially started Middleboro Recycling. Since then, the current Used Auto Parts building was built in 1984, the non-ferrous and smelting process building was built in 1991 and most recently the fluids recovery building in 2006.


Middleboro Recycling was purchased by the Pusateri family in 2019. They own two other Massachusetts recycling facilities; Spiegel Scrap Metal in Brockton, and Taunton Scrap Metal in Taunton. It is still a family-owned and family-run company. The goal for the three facilities is to provide the most convenient way for people and businesses on the south shore to recycle their scrap metal. Adding the Middleboro location and experience staff goes a long way toward accomplishing that goal.

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Middleboro’s industry-leading recycling center

Middleboro Recycling, is Middleboro’s industry-leading recycling center — providing convenient and effective recycling programs that cater to both corporate and individual needs.

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