The value of your scrap metal largely depends on the type of metal that whatever you’re looking to scrap is primarily made out of. For instance, the scrap metal that’s worth the most is copper, which sells for, on average, around $3.00 per pound. In contrast, the cheapest form of iron – light iron – only sells for around $0.10 per pound. For a more in-depth look at what different metals are currently selling for, check out our pricing chart!

Why Do Different Metals Sell For Different Prices?

The price that each type of metal sells for depends on a few different factors. The first factor that determines a scrap metal’s worth is how much supply of this metal there is. For example, there is much more iron circulating in the world than there is copper, and there is more copper than silver or gold. Therefore, iron sells for the least amount of money, and gold sells for the most. The next factor that affects the price of a scrap metal is the usefulness of it. An example of this is how while copper is not extremely rare, it is extremely useful in electronic devices because of its conductivity – therefore, it sells for more money than less useful metals. One more factor that determines a scrap metal’s selling price is how easy it is to recycle. A good example of this is that aluminum is easier to recycle than steel. Aluminum can be recycled, processed, and ready for reuse much more quickly than steel. For this reason, aluminum usually sells for more per pound than steel. By taking all these factors into consideration, a scrap metal recycling company can decide how much money they are willing to pay for each different type of metal.

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