If you are new to selling and recycling scrap metal it is important to understand various federal and state laws relative to recycling scrap metal. There are laws that differ state to state, but is important to remember the relevant laws when selling scrap metal. This is especially true if you are looking around your community for scrap metal.

General Guidelines When Recycling

Do not try to recycle something you do not legally own. When recycling any large vehicle you will likely need to show proof of ownership in the form of a registration. But stealing metal from businesses, jobsites, and other locations can also get you in trouble. Generally speaking, if you do not have permission to take and sell the metal, you should not collect it. Even metal that appears to be discared or trash should not be taken without figuring out if someone owns it.

Massachusetts Laws Scrap Metal Yards Must Follow

Scrap metal yards have to follow a variety of laws. In Massachusetts each yard keeps 2 years worth of records that can be inspected at any time of everything that has been scrapped at their facility. Items have to be tagged and held for at least 10 days before they can be recycled. Photos and videos are often taken as part of the record keeping process, and license plate numbers must be recorded when vehicles are sold to a scrap metal recycler.

Massachusetts Laws For Recyclers

There are a variety of metal elements that no scrap metal recycling center will take. First off, although it isn’t law-based make sure to check with your scrap facility about what they take and don’t take. Even if the metal you have is legal, there is no guarantee that your local yard recycles it. Many yards do not recycle certain machinery like refridgerators due to environmental concerns. Likewise hazardous materials are also difficult to recycle. In terms of laws, you can not recycle any government owned property. This means road signs, manhole covers, and any other city or state property can not be brought to a yard. Another common concern with scrap recycling is stealing metal from abandoned buildings or active job sites. Even abandoned buildings and job site dumpsters are owned.

Legal Ways To Get Scrap Metal

The best way to acrew scrap metal is by asking local business owners. Many business owners and homeowners might be willing to give away scrap metal if you offer to pick it up and recycle it for free for them. If you know local businesses with old metal appliances and vehicles consider asking them to take the metal off their hands. As long as you have proof of ownership and their premission you shouldn’t have an issue recycling the metal.

Recycle Scrap Metal in Middleborough Massachusetts

For residents in the Middleborough area, contact our scrap yard with any questions you have about selling and recycling metal. Our team would be more than happy to help. For more information please send us a message.