If you are interested in recycling scrap metal, you can make a great deal of money this way. Whether you are just a homeowner looking to empty their garage, a local handyman or landscaper, or a construction crew looking to be environmentally conscious and make back some money on the scrap metal generated at a project, there is a lot of money to be made selling scrap. Scrap metal prices vary consistently due to supply/demand. That is why some metal components fetch much higher prices than others.

Copper Scrap Metal Prices

Copper is one of the most common metals in most homes. From wiring to piping, copper is fairly common. But it fetches higher prices than some ferrous metals because there is a high demand for copper. If you have your home rewired or your plumbing redone, you should consider recycling any of the copper left behind by the project. Copper sells for higher prices when it is clean. This means stripping wires of any insulation and remove any none metal components from the wiring or piping.

Brass Scrap Metal Prices

Brass is a less common metal, which means it can fetch a higher price at your local scrapyard. You might not realize that you have a few brass pieces around your home. Brass was commonly used in many ornamental objects like plates, trophies, door knockers, handles, bed frames, and more. If you have old brass pieces that you no longer need, consider bringing them down to a local scrapyard.

Aluminum Scrap Metal Prices

Aluminum cans are frequently recycled at grocery stores all over the country. This is because aluminum has a decent amount of value. Aluminum packaging and containers in bulk can be an effective way to make some quick money. Additionally, older electronic devices like computers or gaming consoles will contain some aluminum components. Whenever you plan to recycle a piece of equipment, make sure to separate the metals into separate bins so that you can get the most for each individual metal.

Stainless Steel Scrap Metal Prices

Stainless steel is a fairly common metal. And its value is higher because of the chromium mixed into the alloy. Different types of stainless steels have different amounts of chromium and nickel in their alloys which can be highly valuable at your local scrapyard. Many kitchen appliances like freezers and refrigerators have stainless steel doors.

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