Scrap metal recycling, much like other forms of recycling, is the process of taking used goods and making them into new products. The four main steps in scrap metal recycling are collection, sorting, processing, and repurposing. For businesses and regular citizens, the only part of the scrap metal recycling process you need to participate in is the collection aspect. When you have scrap metal, whether it be junk equipment, appliances, wiring, loose metal, or even vehicles, you can bring it to a scrap metal recycling center, where you’ll be paid for it. The next step in the process is sorting the scrap metal into individual categories: iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Once sorted, the individual metal types will be compacted, shredded, and melted down. Finally, the melted metals will be solidified into sheets, then shipped off to be used in new applications like construction projects and metal goods. The best part about scrap metal recycling is that metal is one of few materials that can be recycled an infinite amount of times, meaning that the more we recycle our metal products, the less we will need to harm the environment creating new metal.

The Benefits Of Recycling Scrap Metal

While there are many benefits to recycling scrap metal, one of the main reasons that people look to recycle their metal goods is the fact that it can earn them a good amount of money. Scrap metal recycling centers, including our team here at Middleboro Recycling Center, will pay you for your scrap metal. The amount you make will depend on the weight and type of metal that you bring us. For more information on how much your scrap metal is worth, visit our pricing page!

The other main benefit of scrap metal recycling is that it is hugely beneficial to our environment. Scrap metal recycling saves energy, reduces the amount of waste going into landfills, and reduces the amount of mining we need to do to make new metals. As far as energy conservation, transforming scrap metal into new products uses just a fraction of the energy that is necessary to produce new metals. This reduces our fossil fuel usage and emits less pollution into the atmosphere. Mining for metal ore (which is needed to create virgin metals) is also extremely taxing on our environment, a process that is not needed when scrap metal is recycled. To learn more about the environmental benefits of scrap metal recycling, visit our blog here!

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