If you’re a Massachusetts resident with old, junk appliances sitting around and taking up space in your home or garage, you can earn some extra cash by selling them at Middleboro Recycling Center! Located in Middleborough, we’re in a convenient location for anyone in the Greater Boston area or on the South Shore! In this article, we’ll talk about some of the basics of recycling old appliances for cash!

What Kind Of Appliances Can I Sell To Be Recycled?

Almost any appliance that’s made of mostly metal can be sold for its scrap value and recycled at a scrap metal recycling center, including washing machines, dryers, stoves, dishwashers, and much more. These appliances are typically composed of lots of heavy metal parts, meaning they’re generally worth a good amount of money! Once we receive an appliance, we’ll break it down into its individual parts and sort them according to the types of metal they’re made of. These metals will then be melted down and formed into new products, reducing the need for raw materials! Selling your old appliances at a scrap metal recycling center helps both your wallet and the environment at the same time!

How Much Are My Junk Appliances Worth?

The value of an appliance (or any scrap metal, for that matter) is based on its composition and weight. Heavy appliances like stoves, washing machines, and dryers are worth a good amount because they contain lots of metal parts. In contrast, microwave ovens do not usually carry a lot of scrap value because they’re light and do not contain tons of metal. The scrap value of an appliance largely depends on the type of metal it’s made out of because each kind of metal is worth a different amount. For example, #1 copper typically sells for around $3.75 per pound, while 304 stainless steel usually goes for about $0.65 per pound. Regardless of the material your appliance is made of, it’s worth more to sell for its scrap metal than it is taking up space in your home. For more information on what different types of scrap metal are worth, visit our pricing page!

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