If you are new to recycling scrap metal or buying and selling scrap metal it can be difficult to know where to start. While some locations to find scrap metals are fairly known, newcomers may not know some other locations that could prove worthwhile. There is a lot of scrap metal out there and if you can find the sources, you could be successful in your scrap metal endeavors. The truth is that you may not need to look too far. Check out these places in your community where you can find scrap metal.

Local Businesses

Local businesses, like an auto repair shop and other similar shops, generally have metal parts and old appliances around that they would like to get rid of. Industrial businesses, like small-scale manufacturing warehouses, usually have a “boneyard” where they dispose of old or outdated machinery, damaged steel pallets, and other forms of metal. Think of how happy some of these businesses may be if you haul away some of their old metal items and free up some valuable space.

Construction Sites

When it comes to a construction site, you should always get written permission before removing anything from the property to avoid potential legal issues regarding scrap theft. While a construction site may not seem like the most ideal location to find scrap metal, it could be just the place to make a scrap stop. I-beams, girders, pilings steel, and trusses are some of the scrap metals that you could find. Many small home improvement projects and remodeling jobs also generate scrap metal.

Shooting Ranges

Whether it’s a public or private shooting range that’s nearby, there’s a good chance that you could gather brass shells from this location. You can always call the shooting range and inquire about collecting the discharged shells on the range floor. Safety should be a priority considering the location, so make proper arrangements beforehand.  

Medical Care Facilities

Places like hospitals assisted living centers, and medical clinics are locations where you could find different types of scrap metals. Items like beds, fixtures, appliances, and wheelchairs are some of the sources of scrap metal in these facilities. If interested in gathering scrap metal from these locations, arrange a meeting with the administrator and explain to them your interest in scrap metal and how you could help them get rid of some of the junk.

Craigslist & Online Forums

Craigslist can be a reliable source for scrap metal pickup. One of the most common types of sources of scrap metal posted on craigslist is old appliances. Still, you can find miscellaneous metal items as well. Some people may part ways with their items for free, while you’ll have to pay others to get the scrap metal you want. You can either respond to ads or post one of your own informing people that you’re willing to relieve them of their junk items. Additionally, you can use online groups and forums to find metal in local communities.

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