Recycling scrap metal is an effective way to make some spare cash. Additionally, it is great for the environment. Wherever you live there are likely a few scrap metal yards near you that buy scrap metal. If you are looking for a quick way to make some money, selling scrap metal might be beneficial for you.

What Types of Scrap Metal Are There?

When you drive by a scrap metal yard you will usually see terms like “ferrous” and “non-ferrous”. These are probably the two most common labels for scrap metal and they actually encapsulate almost all scrappable metal. Ferrous metals refer to any metal that contains iron. This includes steel and iron alloys. The quickest test to figure out if a piece of metal is ferrous is whether or not it is magnetic. Although that system is full proof. Stainless steel for example is made with iron but not always magnetic. Luckily many yards take both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but if the yard you are looking at only takes some scrap metal you should ask them what they buy.

How Do You Sell Scrap Metal?

Every yard is different, so the best way to prepare to sell scrap metal is to discuss any unique protocols with your yard if you are trying out a new place. But generally, you should have your scrap metal organized into separate bins or containers based on the material. Organizing your scrap metal can improve your take-home cash as an unorganized heap of scrap metal is sometimes bought based on the average metal cost or another price point. When you arrive at a yard the yard may provide unloading services to help you with larger metal.

When Should I Sell Scrap Metal?

You can sell your scrap metal whenever you want. However, prices often fluctuate. For this reason, some scrap metal recycling veterans approach yards like they approach stocks. If you are offloading a large amount of scrap it may benefit you to check a few yards and call them to ask for their most accurate prices for your metal. Generally, though scrap prices rise and fall together so local yards will have near-identical price points.

Ask Our Team

At Middleboro Recycling our team is passionate about buying and recycling scrap metal. We pride ourselves on customer service, efficiency, and dedication to our clients. If you have questions about recycling scrap metal, we would be happy to answer them. Simply send us a message or give us a call.