Summer weather is here, which means that it is the season of garage sales, thrift sales, and other yard sales where bargain shoppers can come up with some cool finds at ridiculously low prices. For many shoppers, their finds aren’t necessarily to keep, either. Bargain hunters love shopping for deals on items that they can clean up and resell for more money.

The same idea holds true when it comes to scrap metal. Many homeowners that are trying to part with the old and bring in the new don’t realize that some of their items might be worth a good chunk of change at their local scrap metal recycling center! If you are looking to sell some scrap metal this summer, we’ve got tips on where to look! To learn more about scrap metal recycling or to sell your scrap metal for the best prices in Massachusetts, contact our team at Middleboro Recycling!

5 Places To Find Scrap Metal For A Low Price 

Before we get into where to find scrap metal, let’s talk about what exactly scrap metal is! Scrap metal is a broad category that encapsulates virtually any old or leftover piece of metal that, after being melted down and reshaped, can be recycled and reused. Scrap metal can come from a variety of sources, like old appliances, car parts, metal furniture, pipes and wiring leftover from home renovation projects, and much more. When these items wear out or are no longer wanted, they become a potential source of scrap metal that can be turned into cash.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, knowing the best places to look for scrap metal can significantly grow your earnings. Here’s a list of prime spots where you can find valuable scrap metal for a low price:

  1. Local Garage & Yard Sales: People often give away or sell old or broken items for cheap, which can then be recycled as scrap metal.
  2. Thrift Stores: These stores sometimes have items that contain a lot of metal that are priced low, especially if they are damaged or incomplete.
  3. Neighborhood Curbside: Keep an eye out on trash day. Residents might throw out large metal items like grills or washing machines.
  4. Construction Sites: Always ask for permission first, but construction sites can have scrap metal from building materials or old fixtures that they may be willing to have you take off their hands.
  5. Auto Repair Shops: These places often have old car parts they’re willing to sell or give away.

Scrap Metal Collection Safety Tips 

If you are out and about looking for scrap metal, it’s important to prioritize safety. These items can often contain rust and have sharp edges, creating health risks when you are not careful. When you’re collecting scrap metal, follow these safety tips:

  • Always wear work gloves to protect your hands when handling metal.
  • Wear sturdy boots to prevent injuries from sharp objects on the ground.
  • Ask for permission before entering private properties or construction sites.
  • Use proper lifting techniques to avoid back injuries.
  • Get your tetanus vaccinations, as metal can sometimes be rusty.

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