Summer is here, and the new wave of activities that come with it result in more opportunities to earn money by selling scrap metal! Instead of holding onto old items that have outlived their shelf life, you can profit by selling them off as scrap metal to your local recycling facility! In this article, we’ll talk about some of the items you might come across this summer that you can earn some cash for at a scrap metal recycling center!

BBQ Grills

Summer is the perfect time to have some old-school family barbeque time. When it’s time to bring out your grill for the season, you might notice that it’s broken, rusty, or simply outdated. If this is the case, then you can sell your old grill to your local scrap metal recycling facility to earn some cash that you can put toward a brand new one! Most grills are made of cast aluminum, sheet metal, cast iron, and stainless steel; all of which are valuable metals to a scrap metal recycling facility!


While you’re grilling up some steaks or burgers, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a couple ice cold beers or sodas. Once your drink is finished, you can choose to throw your cans in the trash, where they’ll end up in a landfill, or you can earn some money back for them by selling them to a recycling facility! The price of aluminum is always fluctuating, but you can be sure that if you stockpile enough cans, you can walk out of the scrap metal recycling center with a good amount of cash in your pocket!

Pool Equipment

Another exciting part of the summer is opening up the pool for the season. Similar to the situation with your grill, when you take out your pool skimmers and other equipment for the season, you might notice that they’re rusty, broken, or need to be replaced. If this is the situation you find yourself in, you can sell your old metal pool equipment to your local scrap metal recycling facility to earn some cash!

A/C Units

With the hot summer weather comes the need for some air-conditioned relaxing indoors! Air conditioners are big, bulky appliances that contain a slew of metals, so when it’s time to upgrade your A/C unit, sell your old one to a scrap metal recycling center!

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