If you have an old HVAC system lying around in your garage or if you are wondering what to do with your current HVAC system once you replace it, the good news is that old HVAC systems are not worthless! The metal parts in old HVAC systems can be sold to scrap metal recycling facilities, earning you money from something that otherwise might just end up in a landfill! While your old HVAC system may no longer function as a whole, it includes parts that are made of valuable scrap metal that can be sold, recycled, and repurposed! In this article, we’ll talk about the different parts in an HVAC system that can be sold and recycled at your local scrap metal recycling facility!

Recyclable Parts Of Old HVAC Systems

  • Compressors: Compressors are typically made out of several different metals, including steel, copper, and aluminum. For this reason, the compressors within old HVAC systems can be sold and recycled at a scrap metal recycling facility, regardless of whether or not they are still functional. If you choose to recycle your compressor by yourself, be sure to drain it off any oils or fluids before bringing it to your local recycling facility. 
  • Radiators: Radiators are made of good-quality aluminum and copper, so they can be quite valuable. Before you recycle radiators from old HVAC systems, you should clean them thoroughly by removing residue and contaminants that may be left over from when the system was functioning.
  • Coils: There are two coils in your HVAC system: an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. The evaporator coil is placed inside the HVAC system to either generate more heat or convert heat to cool air for your air conditioner. A condenser coil, on the other hand, is placed on the exterior of the unit and acts as a temperature regulator. Both of these are important parts of an HVAC unit and can be sold to recycling facilities.
  • Metal Ducts: Metal ducts are also recyclable parts of old HVAC systems. These are usually made of steel or aluminum, which can be sold, recycled, then repurposed for other uses. These ducts serve the purpose of distributing air from your HVAC system to your home.
  • Copper Wire: One more component of an old HVAC system that can be sold to a scrap metal recycling facility is the copper wire that was used in the electrical components of the system. Copper is one of the most valuable scrap metals, so it can earn you a good amount of money when recycled.

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