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Middleboro Recycling is a quick 20-minute drive from the center of Carver, Massachusetts, making it one of Carver residents’ first choices in scrap metal recycling yards. Plus, with our highly competitive prices for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, many Carver residents and business owners frequently work with our yard in Middleborough. We believe that the keys to running a successful scrap metal yard are having the best prices and providing high-quality customer service. That is why we provide towing services for Carver residents looking to sell their scrap vehicle and roll-off dumpsters for contractors working on construction projects.

What Scrap Metal We Buy

Middleboro Recycling Center takes a variety of scrap metal. We buy both ferrous and non-ferrous metal as well as machinery and vehicles. Like any yard, the best way to get the most for your metal is to properly organize it. Separating metal by kind and making sure metal is clean (stripped of extra pieces) is the best way to sell to scrap. We recycle a variety of vehicles including trucks, cars, boats, excavation equipment, and more. Here is a general list of the kinds of metal we recycle:

  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Leads
  • Light Steel
  • Brasses
  • Aluminum
  • Ferrous – Heavy Steel
  • Zinc
  • Monel
  • Die Casts
  • Equipment: forklifts, cars, trucks, planes, trailers, excavators, etc.

Junk Car Pickup in Carver

If you have a junk vehicle you want to get rid of, we can help. We take a variety of vehicles and purchase car batteries and scrap metal. If something is in your garage that you would like to get rid of we would be happy to provide a quote. We can also help tow your vehicle to our location. Just make sure you have the registration for the vehicle.

Roll-Off Dumpsters for Rent in Carver

Construction and demolition jobs generate a lot of scrap metal. That is why Middleboro Recycling Center provides 15-yard and 50-yard dumpsters for collecting scrap metal. For contractors in the Carver area, we would be happy to set up drop off and pick up dates that work for your project. For more information please contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you.

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