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Middleboro Recycling purchases scrap metal from residents & businesses in Bourne, MA! Located at 128 Bedford Street in Middleboro, Massachusetts, our facility is just a quick & easy drive northwest of Bourne, making us the ideal scrap facility for all sellers, regardless of the amount of scrap metal they have! In addition to our scrap metal purchasing services, we also provide our clients in Bourne, MA, with junk vehicle pickups, roll-off dumpster rentals, and more! If you have any questions about the services we offer to residents and businesses in Bourne, Massachusetts, or are wondering what your scrap metal is worth, please visit the pricing page on our website or contact us today at (508) 946-2383!

Types Of Scrap Metal We Buy From Bourne, MA

We are proud to purchase virtually every kind of scrap metal from our clients in Bourne, MA! Whether you’re looking to sell an old appliance, some sheet metal, or anything in between, odds are that we’ll give you the best price for it in the southeastern Massachusetts region! Some of the types of metal that we most commonly purchase include:

  • Light Iron
  • #1 Unprepared
  • #1 Prepared
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead
  • Light Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Ferrous Heavy Steel
  • Zinc
  • Monel
  • Die Casts
  • Metal Wiring
  • Piping

We also purchase junk cars, trucks, trailers, planes, appliances, equipment, excavators, forklifts, and much more! If you’re a resident of Bourne, MA, that has something made of metal, you can trade it in for cash at Middleboro Recycling! If you have any questions about a specific item or type of metal, please contact our team today where we’d be happy to help you out in any way that we can!

Junk Vehicle Pickup Service in Bourne, MA

If you’re a resident or business owner in Bourne, Massachusetts, with a junk vehicle that you’re ready to get rid of, our team at Middleboro Recycling will come pick it up from your house or building and pay you for its scrap value! We make the junk vehicle process as easy as possible for you! Simply contact us to give us some basic information about you and your junk vehicle, then we’ll give you an estimate on what it’s worth. If you accept our quote, we’ll come pick up the junk vehicle from your home or business in Bourne and tow it back to our facility. Finally, we’ll weigh the vehicle and pay you for its scrap value! There’s no better way to get rid of your broken down vehicle! Contact us today by calling us at (508) 946-2383 or by filling out the contact form on our website!

Rent Roll-Off Dumpsters in Bourne, MA

Middleboro Recycling rents roll-off dumpsters to our commercial clients in Bourne, Massachusetts! We have rental dumpsters in several different sizes, including 15, 20, 30, 40, and 50-yards, so no matter the amount of scrap metal you’re looking to sell, we have the dumpster that’s right for you! Our roll-off dumpster rental service is perfect for any business that has access to large quantities of scrap metal! Call us today at (508) 946-2383 to learn more or to schedule a roll-off dumpster rental!

Contact Middleboro Recycling!

If you have any questions about selling scrap metal or any of the other scrap metal recycling services we offer in Bourne, MA, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Give us a call today at (508) 946-2383 or fill out the contact form on our website, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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